Mapping Marriage Progress

Back again this week with an update on HIST 325’s progress on our digital history project, which I have affectionately named the Mapping Marriage Project.

Overall, I think we’re making good progress on the project. We’ve divided the work amongst our class, half of us working on 1901 marriages and the other half on 1921 marriages. I’m working on the 1921 marriages myself, and while I’ve managed to find a good portion of my couples I’ve also hit some roadblocks.

Some people just don’t seem to exist! I’ll manage to find one half of the couple and come up empty-handed for the other. Or, if it’s really bad, I don’t find either the bride or the groom, which is really frustrating. It’s tough sinking so much time into this project and not having a strictly positive correlation between time working and overall progress can put a damper on things. But we’re still moving forward, and with luck and diligence, we’ll make it!

I’m also part of the small group who will be working on our StoryMap website for the digital display of our project’s findings. Since we don’t have much data compiled yet, much less have it all gathered, we haven’t done much or even thought much about the StoryMap. However, I think it will turn out wonderfully and I am excited to flex my design skills.

I’m excited to keep chugging along on the Mapping Marriage Project, and I’m extremely excited to see it all pull together in the end!

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