In the Beginning…

There was a new semester!

Welcome back to Concordia College students, faculty, and staff, and welcome for the first time to those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about.

Here at Concordia College, we have a variety of classes, and one I’m taking this semester is HIST 325: Doing Digital History with Dr. Joy Lintelman and a handful of some really awesome classmates. The focus of this blog will be our journey through digital history and our progress on a major, semester-long project.

The Project:

Our project is focused on marriages. But not just any marriages, marriages from 1901 to 1911. In conjunction with the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County and its senior archivist, Mark Peihl, our class will be mapping the distance at which couples courted during this time period. What that means is we’re going to look at how far apart or close together married couples lived when they were still wooing each other pre-marriage. Hopefully, we’ll see an interesting correlation in our data; if not, we’ll at least get an interesting glimpse into the lives of those who lived before us.

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