Why Digital History?

So why exactly am I taking a history course all about digital history? It’s simple, really: I have to.

As a Heritage and Museum Studies major at Concordia College, HIST 325: Doing Digital History is a required course. The department wants to make sure that when we graduate and head out into the world we know our way around the basics of digital history.

It’s not all required courses and skill building though. Digital history is a fascinating subfield emerging as a superpower within the field of history—it could even be considered a field of its own.

And it’s everywhere! Interactive historical maps? Boom, digital history. Archive of historical documents concerning United States immigration laws? Boom, digital history. Fun, user-guided exploration of a museum, all while trying to solve the mystery of why it burned down? (I’m looking at you The Lost Museum.) BOOM. Digital. History.

With the world’s growing interest in the internet and its endless resources, classes like these are what give people the edge they need when they enter the workforce. I’d be kind of crazy NOT to take this class!

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