Digital Identity

Back at it again with a busy week! Last week our HIST 325 class discussed a number of articles and other sources dealing with digital identity. Since so much of our world is online nowadays, this was a really interesting topic to delve in to.

We discussed how important it is to monitor your online identity, but also how difficult it can be to ensure a squeaky clean history. Many employers Google search potential job candidates to see what they can dig up. If you can influence what they see, you can influence what they decide.

If only bad things like criminal records and unflattering information come up, employers won’t have a good impression of you. Build up professional sites and references and the employer will think of you more favorably.

As a young adult preparing to enter the workforce, this discussion was incredibly relevant. I want to look good and get hired, not get bumped because all they could find was my old gymnastics meet scores.

During this discussion, I picked up on two important lessons:

1) Create your own website. A personal website can be one of the first search hits that pop up, and it allows you to exercise a great amount of control over your image. It also gives you the power to link to other websites like social media profiles and former projects.

2) Unify your digital image. Across all profiles and websites, create a uniform image of yourself. This means using the same name, same design or color scheme, same professional photos, same resume. Employers then see an organized, put together image rather than fractured pieces, some of which may not be so flattering.

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