About Noel

Student, Creator, Explorer

My name is Noel Fods, I am a full-time student at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, and I am majoring in Heritage and Museum Studies with minors in English Writing and Chinese.

My field of study is inspired by many of my childhood interests that have followed me into adulthood. Family vacations often consisted of visiting historical monuments and museums, which I grew to adore; I’ve loved to create stories and write for as long as I can remember; and I have always been fascinated with other languages and cultures.

While I am a full-time student, I do fill up my free time with other work, primarily as a student worker in the Concordia College Archives. I have also held positions as a freelance transcriptionist, lifeguard, water safety instructor, and pool manager as both a part-time and full-time employee.

After I graduate in May 2021, I plan to pursue work as an English teacher in China for a period of time before either returning to school for my master’s degree—I am leaning toward library science—or seeking a position with a heritage organization.

Beyond school and work, I have a variety of hobbies to fill up what little personal time I have. I’m most fond of reading, knitting, embroidery, music, and surrounding myself with my friends.